Saturday, November 17, 2007

BERSIH- Al Jazeera

Zikir Lailahaillallah menggegar hati.

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multidimid said...

Watch the latest Better Quality Video Clips (Visuals & Sound) on the Al Jazeera 101 East Forum on Bersih Rally, only TWO parts
Part I - 8 min;
Part II - 9 mins 40s
with inserted Video Clip on the Protest March on 10 Nov 07; And the last Q & A transcript
Teymoor: As a representative of the younger generation of the UMNO Party, do you agree with what the minister said or do you think there is room for change within the institutional structure
Khairy Jamaluddin: I agree with what the minister says. There is nothing wrong with the system. There need to be some changes to the process to strengthen it. The institutions are fine the system works we lose an election, we lost Kelantan we lost before. More details at: