Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Aqidah Salahuddin al-Ayyubi

This is "al-Aqeedah as-Salahiyah". This Poem was given as a gift to Salahuddeen, he loved it so much and ordered that it would be taught even for kids and announced on the minarets. This creed pertains the belief that: God has the power over all, and that (God) Allah exists without a place he does not need any of the creations, and all creations are in need of Allah.

Everything happens by the will of Allah, the most merciful. The one who claims God is contained in places blasphemes, or claims that God needs to sit or reside in places, or claims that God has organs or image; God is clear from all of that, his Istiwa' means subjugation to the throne (controlling it) and not sitting, for God has the perfect attributes and is clear from all imperfection.

Among what he mentioned in it:
1. The Creator of this world is not contained in a direction
2. Allah is above being likened to the creations
3. Allah existed eternally and there was no place
4. And the judgment about His existence now is that He is as He was, i.e., without a place
5. He is clear of any imperfection and clear of being in a place
6. And He is above being bound by changes of time..

Salahuddeen was popular for his might and great victories, God granted him this power because of his strong aqeedah (creed) and his faithfulness.

Imam Muhammad Ibn Hibah al-Makkiyy, in his book Hada'iq al-Fusul wa Jawahir al-^Uqul,--also called Al-^Aqidat-as-Salahiyyah because he gave it as a gift to Sultan Salah-ad-Din al-Ayyubiyy who ordered that this book be taught to the children in schools and broadcast from the top of minarets--said:

which means: "Allah existed eternally and there was no place, and the judgment about His existence now is that He is as He was, i.e., without a place."

Note, wahhabis declared Salahud-Deen al-Ayoubiy as a kafir!! which really shows that those wahhabis are against al sunna pioneers.
Alas, how much are we in need of such great warrior..?

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